Steve Pailthorpe speaking in Kenya at Faith Evangelistic Ministry
Steve Pailthorpe at C3: United Life. Photo by Click Clack Photo
Training leaders in London, UK
Womens' health conference in Uganda

"Welcome to Crown Global. We're pleased you found us & would love to connect with you."Steve Pailthorpe, President

Crown Global - Supporting Communities Transforming Lives Empowering Leaders

Crown Global is an international Christian ministry founded in 2009 by Steve Pailthorpe and his family. The charity operates both in the UK and overseas and runs several projects which aim to transform lives and empower leaders across all walks of life. We work in partnership with churches, businesses, and national leaders to help fulfil our mandate to bring transformation to communities. We do this by helping each individual to discover their destiny. Currently we have active projects in Kenya, Rwanda, India, Burundi, the USA and the UK. Our funding comes directly from corporate giving from companies that are owned and operated by our founders. Today, our President acts as a trusted adviser to many leaders around the world and we award grants to notable projects. Find out more About Us.

Board of Reference:

As a registered charity, we are committed to keeping strong relationships with our partners and believe in accountability. The charity is governed by a Board of Trustees and we have a Board of Reference who is available for anyone wishing to gain a better insight into the workings of our charity. Our Board of Reference is made up of senior Christian ministers, who represent a variety of different denominations and church streams.

  • Dr Hugh Osgood - Churches in Communities Dr. Hugh Osgood Churches in Communities Int.

    Dr Hugh Osgood is a senior church leader, known for equipping visionary leaders and for encouraging churches to engage with their communities. He holds a number of national and international positions, being the Free Churches Moderator and a President of Churches Together in England. He is the Co-Chair of the UK Charismatic and Pentecostal Leaders’ Conference and President of Churches in Communities International.

  • Rev. Teresia Wairimu - Faith Evangelistic Ministry Rev. Teresia Wairimu Faith Evangelistic Ministry, Kenya

    Rev. Teresia Wairimu Kinyanjui is the Founder and President of Faith Evangelistic Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya. The ministry was founded in 1989 and she is now the Senior Pastor at the FEM Family Church in Karen, Kenya with a congregation of over 5,000. With an international reach across the UK, USA and East Africa, Reverend Wairimu is widely regarded as a spiritual daughter of Pastor Reinhard Bonnke of Christ for all Nations.

  • Colin & Melissa Piper - World Evangelical Alliance Colin & Melissa Piper World Evangelical Alliance

    Colin and Melissa Piper represent the World Evangelical Alliance. Their passion is to facilitate international collaboration between global youth development organisations in order to bring about sustainable change in the lives of young people across the world. They are based in London, UK but spend much of their time travelling internationally to support the projects they’re involved in. They are also leaders at C3: United Life Church.

  • Noela Collis - High Definition Australia Noela Collis High Definition Australia

    Noela Collis is the Director of High Definition in Queensland, Australia. She is a widely respected Christian leader, author and teacher. She is also a Certified Master Life Coach holding a Diploma of Bible and Ministry and a Diploma of Counselling. Her work has seen her speak on radio and TV and she regularly works with leaders across the world, helping them to achieve greater goals through her coaching programmes.

Board of Trustees & Leadership:

Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the charity. Our President meets with the Board every quarter to advise on funding, grants and project development. The Board is made up of business leaders, a police officer, an accountant, as well as upstanding members of the local community. Please contact the office if you wish to speak with a member of our Leadership Team.

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    Steve Pailthorpe

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